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Thread: Cut Brooklyn: Opinions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hypnos View Post
    Okay... I'll bite. Why do you think that 52100 steel is the best?

    I am a newbie who is looking to upgrade from my Shun Classics.

    Didn't see this addressed to me.

    There are a few good knife steels on the market, but 52100 is probably one of the best out of carbon steels. It has fine grain, some resistance to rust, but more importantly, it responds very well to heat treatment. One can heat treat for sharpness, wear resistance, or both.

    Another great thing about 52100 is it responds very well to stropping. I have sent knives to pro kitchen for testing (with my earlier HT which since improved) and the feedback I got was that a knife could go for a month or even longer between sharpening, with just stropping. How many steels could do that?

    Makers like Bob Kramer, Bill Burke, Ed Fowler and countless others use 52100 extensively and some even consider it "super steel". Kind of funny, as on paper, it is just an OK steel.

    I don't want to sound like I am shelling for 52100, so I will continue sending out knives for testing in pro environment and have them reviewed on the forum. This hopefully will settle the claim.


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    Cool Cut Brooklyn

    Can't believe all the Cut Brooklyn Knife bashing going on, on this forum. Joels an artist, his medium is steel, are they the best in the world? who cares? there a thing of beauty, and any Chef, home cook, rich guy , Poor guy that has the honour of holding one in his hand should appreciate the love and passion that went into making that knife with his 2 hands from start to finish.
    I had the good fortune to be given one as a gift from a very wealthy cousin after retiring from the restaurant business after 23 years. Although I'm not a papered chef i do know my way around a kitchen and achieved 4 diamond status for 12 years exclusively in my city when my restaurant was.I have only had limited experience with my Cut Brooklyn Knife as i just received it a few weeks ago, but absolutely love it for its weighting, edge, handle, and beautiful appearance. I hope other chefs soon get the opportunity to put one of Joels knives to the test and comment on there experience.

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    Wow Morty...your very first post is a polemic in response to a thread that's been inactive for almost 2 years? C'mon, show us something better than that!

    BTW, welcome to the forums.
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    by bashing do you actually mean lack of hype? i don't find them pretty either so to me there is nothing about those knives that make me interested in even demoing one.

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    Welcome to KKF, Morty.

    I found that the Cut Brooklyn I used was a nice enough knife, but nothing special, certainly nothing that could possibly justify the price tag.

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    Although not too many knives get featured in Playboy, at least not that I know of...
    Pics courtesy of a friend visiting a specific store.

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    Marc4pt0 please tell me this is a photoshop

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    "Playboy Edition" sold by DC Sharp, in Washington, DC. That's a huge price tag/mark up for such an ugly knife. Handle looks way too thin to be comfortable.

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    That is one flat a$s blade.

    How do you spell sticktion?

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