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Thread: Which knife to satisfy an itch? (Definitely not a need!)

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    If you want more of the same (AEB-L), then go with the 270 ITK; if you want similar feel and performance, the 52100, and it is significantly larger than the 240 in AEB-L that you won't be getting a duplicate; if you want a "laser", then wait a bit for the Konosuke.

    Actually, I think I'd wait for the cleaver from Jon.


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    Oh, if Jon can make the cleaver a reality, no question that I'm putting my money on that

    If not though, the 52100 ITK is starting to take the lead in this 3-horse race

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    DT ITK 52100 240

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    Devin ground the last few batches thinner, so these will cut better. I am tempted to say that geometry will be similar to Carter's, from what I have heard, but I would need to see one up close to make that claim.


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    you really want the same thing? why not try something new? Plus if you are not crazy about it you can always sell it here

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    You have a 240 AEBL DT ITK? Why get the 270 then? You really want the same knife only 3cm longer? I would say you would end up gravitating toward one and not using the other at all. The 240 in 52100 makes a little more sense. At least it's an entirely different steel. Also seems pointless to get the Kono HD kirit gyuto when you don't use your Takeda at all. If you think you would use the Kono more, sell the Takeda and to buy the Kono, then you can still get the DT or Gesshin.

    What would be the difference between the Gesshin Hide and Gesshin Ginga cleavers?
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    Good points, good points. I guess the attraction on the ITK 52100 is threefold: the fact that the profile is a bit different from the ITK AEBL, I've never tried 52100 before, and I'm enjoying Hoss's other works (particularly the cleaver!)

    With the Gesshin Hide line, the big draw is the fact that the knives are made by craftsmen whose work Jon believes are the best he has come across in Japan.

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    i just order my mid tech now the waiting game begins!

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