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Thread: Takeda ....What to look for (now) to keep from getting screwed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matus View Post
    Mark, the image 'before' looks more like a cleaver than a gyuto. I did (and do) play with the idea of trying out a Takeda, but I will make sure to have a return option if I were to do so. Did you by any chance measure the thickness of the blade at some closer distance to the edge before you sent it for re-grind?
    Hahah, it's not even a gyuto, but a sujihiki. Before the regrind it was slightly over 1 mm at 0.5 cm from the edge... Haven't measured it after the regrind yet, but it looks good to the eye.

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    MARK <> It is hard to tell from your after photo, but it appears as if they now employed a convex grind. Am I correct, or is it just the photo?
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