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Thread: Takeda ....What to look for (now) to keep from getting screwed

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    Look @ that concavity! Awesomeness for food release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    I couldn't say.

    The issue here, however, is not that of the height of the bevel being incorrect - this is just a symptom - the issue is that the knife is too thick above the bevel which requires more steel to be removed to correct. If the knife was hammered thinner to begin with then the tall bevel grind wouldn't be necessary.

    So if he wants a small looking bevel he would need to make a thin knife.
    Since I have only seen Stepan's & my Takeda's no expert.Both are thin behind the edge.I got Quantum's first Takeda 270mm the bevel below the slag on my blade is 6mm not as high as some of your pictures of old Takeda's,but the blade is hammered thin,cuts well with little stiction.

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    Check out Jim's gallery post, he has some good photos of several old style Takeda's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    Here's a couple of old school Takedas...notice how tall the bevels are cut on these knives.
    That's what mine looks like now that he fixed it

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    I do believe that is a dramatic difference @Erilyn.
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    Wow, I can't believe the difference. I have an old 270 and it is quite thin. I was going to buy another 210 but it after seeing this. Are the cleavers having the same issues?

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    Huge difference in the way it cuts too. I posted new and better pics in my Takeda thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erilyn75 View Post
    Huge difference in the way it cuts too. I posted new and better pics in my Takeda thread.


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    I've been thinking a lot about this situation with Takeda that's been developing and I wanted to say that I feel that even though I don't know Takeda personally I believe that he'll figure out the problem and do the right thing in the end. I say this because he's made a great reputation for himself over the years and surely won't appreciate the negative feedback his knives are now receiving. in recent times Takeda's been in communication with the western world more than ever before (Facebook, shows, new dealers, etc) so he's bound to here about this stuff, let's give him a chance to fix this before we crucify him.

    I still say, should you be shopping for one of his knives, that it's currently worth your time to ask your retailer for pictures of the knife that you'll be buying prior to securing it. This will drive your retailer crazy but it will ensure that you get what you want and also show you the level of commitment that the retailer has to their products, their craftsman, and their customers.

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    Dave, I hope you're right, and that he does realize the issues, and take steps to improve them.

    I'd guess that asking a retailer for individual pics is also another way to get feedback to Takeda. I think they'd be telling him, "We keep getting requests for pictures, and that takes a lot of extra time." It would also give a better idea about the relative incidence of various problems.

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