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Thread: T-F 210 nashiji Stainless!?

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    T-F 210 nashiji Stainless!?

    I picked up a TF direct a couple monthes ago. I have been puzzled thus far as no matter how i treat it the core steel shows no sign of patina or rust. This is my 4th TF and all the others behave as i expect w1 to. But this 210 is weird. The core steel polishes different from the cladding and you can see the cladding line
    and it looks so normal until you leave it with water and strawberry juice sitting on the blade for 10min and still 0 patina. It seems to take and hold an edge just as well as the others but ive only put it on the stones once. Although once was to clean up the grin, the whole large bevel has been polished.

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    Cut some warm protein and let the knife sit for a while. Mine had the same problem and with this process at the end the patina eventually showed up 😉

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