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Thread: First Sharpen

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    ... no?

    ive got my Hiro in hand now. 60/40 edge. looks so close though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geo87 View Post
    you can find the angle of each side fairly adequately on something like a small cardboard box or a leather belt. Lay the knife flat then slide it along ( edge leading) slowly raising the spine . When it digs in that's the current angle. Not sure if it this would work with microbevels though...benuser please chime in if this is bad advice
    This is the way leather stroppers find an angle, but it is a little approximate, the real sharpening angle is a tad lower. And it only works with undamaged edges.
    I've cut a few wine corks with angles between 4 and 30 degree I tended to use for reference. In combination with the marker trick it gives a rather accurate angle. But, as beforementioned, it isn't that relevant for sharpening. Look at the scratch pattern and increase the angle til you raise a burr, and you don't need to know whether it was 9 or 11 degree you ended with.

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