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Thread: The Dark Side.... Carbon Steel at it's best

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    The Dark Side.... Carbon Steel at it's best

    So while I was admiring my wall of carbon steel happiness I was currious what may have changed or sprung up in the care and feeding of the lovely Dark Side of kitchen knives

    I have noticed allot of mustard finishing going on, love the way you are getting the patterns to show up Personally I let mine all patina naturally with use as I like it more that way. One great thing is that there is no wrong way to have a patina and they all look great.

    As most know I'm out on the branch with my love of carbon steel, only having my LR Harners for stainless knives. I find I don't even look at or consider a stainless unless forced into the issue.

    I'm also currious about new developments in stones that like or dislike carbon steel. Yes I know this is a box of worms but after years of messing around I have noticed a difference on my own stones. 99% of the time these issues will not effect the avg user here, but if your like me and are out there in the dark side these issues may have some weight.

    So lets see what rattles loose... Who else is out in the dark

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    DC, I'm with you in that most of my knives are carbon steel. The only stainless knives I rock nowadays are a Konosuke and a couple of Nenox.(actually I just got a ginsanko usuba, too) I have forced a patina or two in my day, but I find that a natural formed patina gives a knife character that a forced patina just doesn't provide.

    Dark side 4eva!!

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    I'm with you buddy, love the carbon! Don't forget the KU finish either

    One of my future projects is to gather information on different carbon steels and their patina characteristics. How fast, what color, and methods of forming/forcing a patina. I thought it might be a nice way to put to use! We'll see.

    BTW I heard Darth Vader takes a nice patina
    - Sean

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    Yeah his lightsaber is carbon steel....

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    I heard cutting beef with a virgin unpatina'ed blade turns a pretty bright blue. My Misono honesuki did not. but its getting nicely along. Personally I am not a fan of forcing patina. Unless its neccessary for some reason, let it grow naturally
    Bert M.

    Why?! Because footballs don't have wheels!

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    I find that you have to use a knife first to form any sort of patina. I have tried for force a patina on the 2 carbon knives I have as soon as I bought them but nothing happened. Used them for a week in work and the patina formed very quickly. Might be some sort of protective coating on them while they're shipped. The pattern I put on them disappears very quickly, the nice blue colour covered up with a bronze/brown colour

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    The tip of my carbon Sab is darker than the rest of the blade, almost black. Then I realised this is because I use it to carve roast chicken a lot and the tip is the part that spends most time buried in hot chicken flesh.

    Heat makes a big difference, that's why roast beef, etc, does such a great job at starting that big blue patina.

    ScottShepherd actually told me this a while ago at FF but I forgot all about it.

    When I get around to it, I may try heating the mustard before applying it.

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    I have only 2 tojiros and 2 petty left that are stainless and I do not use them at all.
    I totally switched to carbons a few months ago.

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    You've always been a carbon advocate, as well as being the undisputed Hiromoto AS king, and one of my inspirations early on to try a non-stainless knife.

    Shortly after my original Tojiro back then, I ventured into carbon and didn't look back for over a year. But recently I find myself favoring high-performing stainless/semi- like in the Suisin IH and Konosuke HD. I still love and use my white#2 and AS knives, but prefer the others as of late.

    Please don't hate me.

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    the only gyuto i have that's stainless, at this point, is my Hattori FH (i don't count the Tojiro gyuto that i lent and haven't seen in months). i have a Shun petty and parer that are stainless, but i don't really use the petty and i use my Robert Herder Windmill carbon parer 95% of the time i use a parer, so i don't know if either count. i love carbon. i used to force a patina, but i just let it happen naturally, these days.

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