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Thread: Reducing stiction on Kono HD suji?

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    try wiping it with a damp towel like other have suggest. that what sushi chef do or else the fish will be sticking to the knife like crazy.

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    Thanks everyone who replied. I have been out of town since I put up the original post and just got back to see a wealth of good ideas. Getting back to work today, so I'll try some of those things out. I am not necessarily in love with the Kono, so for those that expressed interest in purchasing I will keep you in mind if I decide to part with it, but I'd like to see what I can make work first. Of course, what I had in mind in originally posting is one garniture on one dish, so It might not be the end of the world to have a slightly more 'bodied' knife on line that could make it happen. Either way, thank you for all the thoughtful responses and I'll try some of those tips out.


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