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Thread: Takeda sealant

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    Takeda sealant

    hi guys, does anyone know what kind of sealant is used for the takeda's handles, as well as how they apply it without getting goop all over the place?

    one of my takedas is starting to peel ...

    thanks guys


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    Id suggest you send Shosui an email, hes pretty quick with answering them!

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    Will do, was just wondering if there is something I can pick up from the hardware store here in the US. It would be a lot easier!

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    He uses a two part epoxy applied with a mixing syringe-somebody posted a video here a little while back.
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    Epoxy is the common glue for this.

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    Yup, that's the one
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    After he applies the epoxy he gets a card or a piece of paper and does a scooping motion on the epoxy on each side of the blade in order to get the concave sloped look.

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    I use painters tape to cover up all the areas I don't want gooped up...
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    Thanks for the tips everyone

    Looks like I can just stop by the hardware store, pick up some 2 stage epoxy and do it myself

    BTW, haven't been around the knife forums for many years, glad I bought a bunch of takedas a while ago!

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