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Thread: Grevillea robusta gets me excited

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    Grevillea robusta gets me excited

    This is one of the types of wood that I get excited about. Grevillea robusta, or Silky Oak originated in Australia and was brought to Hawaii. There is something about the volcanic soil and the climate that causes the wood to have different coloring and a lot more metallic flash than any of the silky oak I have seen from Australia.
    This is some of the planks that just arrived today.

    Silky Oak is not a variety of Oak. Some of you that live in Hawaii, California and Florida might recognize the tree from it's flowers. It gits planted as an ornamental type tree.

    This is a video of some blocks from the first batch that I got stabilized.

    When I saw how these turned out I had to get more of this unusual wood. I found a small sawmill in Hawaii who had milled some of this wood. My goal is to get all the Silky Oak that he has.

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    Now that is some beautiful wood.

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    Like me some wood.
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