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Thread: Bad sharpening...

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    Bad sharpening...

    So yesterday i was sharpening my Chefs knife at work...An 8" yaxell ran....i got with the angle to low and sharped a bigger edge then it should be....
    My question is...did i damaged the knife in some sort of way? the knife is sharp right now by the way ...but i got to low with the edge...

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    It depends… I think in the worst case scenario, if the angles were too acute your edge won't last long and would warp or chip depending on heat treatment of steel. In the good case scenario you just got yourself a newly edge with edge sharpened at more acute angles then factory edge. Just enjoy your knife and see how it goes.

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    All is not lost..

    as you feel that being too thin, it wld thus be more fragile. YOu cld add a micro bevel on teh thin fine edge. Use say a 2000 grit stone and apply light pressure as you are addresing the fine edge so that it si now say 25 degrees. Remove all burrs adn that shld give you added strength on teh edge.

    IF it still chips, hopefully not a big one, teh receeding edge line will force it to be thicker anyway...

    thus no permanent "damage"..

    have fun


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    A large primary bevel can be an indication that the knife requires thinning. A picture ( including a choil shot) may help.

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    I was just going to say it sounds like you just thinned your knife. In a manner of speaking.

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