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Thread: howe aeb-l parer

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    howe aeb-l parer


    notice the distal taper & the highly functional composition horsemat scales. i checked the non-slip handles for color transfer & found it very stable. although i like this stuff i advised maker he would probably not find a market for this combo. however function is always first with myself.--cranky72

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    I have nothing against this knife, I'm sure that it's great, but is it really a parer? It appears to be a hunter that's been re-labeled.

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    1/8 in. stock, probaly make a decent boner. what better kitchen knife than the same profile as your field hunter.

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    Any more info on Howe? First name, location, do they make other field/kitchen knives?

    Although, i've tried using a hunter extensively in the kitchen, didn't like it too much after using quality kitchen knives.

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    Newbie here, probably not allowed to post links, but I found what looks like this maker at a site called Howe Mountain Knives. My favorite knife there is the Catfish Chopper.

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    dale howe is the one mentioned by seward. makes parers, chopping,fillets & b.b.q. slicers.

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