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Thread: Swedish Steel - where from?

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    Swedish Steel - where from?

    I understand all the fuzz about swedish steel, Sweden has a long history in the steel industry and a very good reputation.

    My question is, is it possible to say which iron ore mine a certain swedish steel came from? I have seen Kiruna iron ore mine and I own some knives made of Swedish steel, such as Misono Dragon, DT ITK AEB-L, Shigefusa...

    How many iron ore mines are there in Sweden?

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    Hi daddy
    This is almost impossible to tell. Those steels you are refering to are made by big international swedish companies (Uddenholm or sandwick i guess) and the steel mill is located in sweden. But that does in no way means, that they are soley using swedish ore or other ingrediences. I dont even think, they process the raw ore themself. They will be (most likely) buy pre-processed, standardised iron, from anywhere in the world.

    Greets B

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    Of the often talked about stainless steels, AEB-L is made by Uddeholm, 13C26 is Sandvik's designation for the same composition. 19C27 is also made by Sandvik.

    During the golden age of steelmaking in Sheffield, Swedish ore was used extensively.

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