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Thread: Top Japanese Makers/blacksmiths

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    I sometimes wonder if the growing but small NA variety in selection leads to a sort of circle jerk. I'm really thankful for vendors and makers who have expanded outside Japan, but what percentage of quality production are we seeing?

    My Doi yanagi's are fast and pleasant to sharpen, give a good looking contrast, and balance bite and precision... Compared to others that I over polished or just didn't get. But I've used maybe 5-6 brands of single bevel knife ever so that's for what its worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    What are the top 3 colors of all time as well?
    Easy... the primary colors!

    Regarding knives, while there are many skilled craftsman, Heiji and Kato (Fujiwara Yoshiaki) top my list. It's their unique geometry and top notch heat treatment that does it for me! I've got two Heiji's, a gyuto and petty, slated to arrive in 3-5 weeks, and am planning on getting a Kato in the spring.
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    My two favorite gyuto makers after trying many... Mizuno Tanrejo and Shigefusa.

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    Pretty much the stuff Maksim sells and add to that Takeda and for value for money I'd add Masakage.

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    Little surprised Nenohi wasn't mentioned.

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    Don't forget Richmond... *ducks*

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    I never had/used it, but I thought Suisin was well regarded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty dog View Post
    Little surprised Nenohi wasn't mentioned.
    I don't have personal experience with nenohi but I've always admired their high end stuff. Very classy, especially the handles.
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    I might get crucified for saying this, but I place a higher value (subjective judgment) on knives that are forged vs stock removal.

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    watanabe should be included if he wasnt already.

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