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Thread: Whats cookin for fathers day?

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    Nice looking ribs Jim! I am finishing up the rest of the mussels I picked up yesterday.

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    Jim those ribs look great!

    I'm doing some beef short ribs for my dad right now. I had them in the smoker for 2 hours now they're in a pan braising in a mixture of stout and a few other ingredients. I never braise in BBQ, but I thought I'd try something different this time. After about an hour of braising I'll pull them from the pan and put them back in the smoker.

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    I think that is a fabulous idea. You have all of the necessary components of a killer dish. Best of luck with it!
    Post pictures!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    Yeah Jim let's see that cooker of yours.
    I will dig up some pics.


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    Does it double as a meth lab?
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    Jim what's the plastic jug for.

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    Yea what is that plastic bottle for? Also is the stump smoker the "baby" model?

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    Great set-up and food!

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