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Thread: Can't Post pics

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    I have no problems with it myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Namaxy View Post
    I realize this is old, but was this solved? I can't add images using the insert image button, then inserting a link from URL like I used to. Is there a better way to insert images now - I'm used to loading photos onto drop box, then grabbing the link to insert. That won't work for me now.

    Thanks in advance.

    Neal, do you have this problem all over the forum all of the time or just once? If once, can you tell me which sub-forum/thread? Maybe I can find a permission that's off if that's the case. If it's all over then I'm at a loss.

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    Great photo Dave!! Very handsome guy you have there.

    Dave M. Good to hear your voice...are you getting close to settled?

    Test photo below worked. Running IE at work and Firefox at home is the only difference I know of. Anyway, it's clearly on my end at the office, not a forum issue

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    Well I'm glad that you got it to work in IE but it's a shame that you can't get it to cooperate in FF.

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    Are you running any browser extensions with FF you're not in IE? Adblock? Anything like that?

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