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    Quote Originally Posted by larrybard View Post
    First impression: Quite Impressive. In some cases you appear to have placed a premium on clean design over information delivery -- or maybe I'm just lazy, and prefer, for example, to see accompanying prices without having to move cursor over item.

    Also, needs careful proofreading (e.g., "perparing").

    yeah... i never thought about how that might function in that sense... we may be making an adjustment to that now that i see how it plays out.

    on the proofreading, the text is all the same text from the last site, so if you see something that needs fixing, let me know and i will fix it

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    Nicely done.
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    Receiving an error on my end (using safari & chrome on my iPad) posting a pic in a few

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    Quote Originally Posted by bkultra View Post
    Receiving an error on my end (using safari & chrome on my iPad) posting a pic in a few
    Same with me, but before it went down I got a chance to take a look and it looks great. I liked the old one but I love the new one. It's clean and simple. Great job.

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    haha...too many people logged in at once and crashed it... its back up now... sorry about that

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    Just checked out the new site...I like it! In particular I think the product images are 1000x better then before. That alone makes the effort worth it me. When ordering online is your only choice, big clear pictures make all the difference.

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    I think the look is good. I do not like the mouse over for info on items though.

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    Havent had much time to browse it, but the general look and feel of it is a great improvement from the old site.

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    Remember to test the website with a smartphone too.

    The About Japanese Knives page has a few issues :
    - big block of references in the middle of the normal text on the left
    - text seems cut: stops at "...steers to the left. On the"
    - the right side seems to say that usuba bocho is the same as nakiri bocho
    - very hard to scroll the text without scrolling the page on a smartphone

    It looks great overall! But do make sure it is easy to use as well.

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    Looks awesome. Very streamlined.

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