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Thread: New Website is Live

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    It looks very nice! But it is not very responsive to iPad commands.

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    I like the look and feel of it. Nice to have the search refinement features. It would be nice to have other options besides price--maybe length as well?

    I don't like having to hover a mouse (or worse, tap on tablet) to see the item name, price, and whether it's in stock or not.

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    Overall it looks awesome, Jon. Very clean and professional. Love the dark theme.

    I also agree w/ above comments about not being able to see basics specs and prices on items without having to place the cursor over the item. I much prefer the old format where specs and price are displayed below the item.

    Well done! mpp
    Shibui - simplicity devoid of unnecessary elements

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    It looks great.

    I'm not sold on the usability though. You have to mouse over everything to find out what it is - for me, I'd rather visually scan the page for names/lengths/whatever and then click on what interests me. Or, if you have two items that are kinda what you want, say two deba side by side - or the way many of us are, three, four or five - you can't just immediately select the one or two that interest you and continue. You have to mouse over all of them. And oh, which one was which again? Mouse over again.

    It does look really nice. It just doesn't work so well for the way I shop

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    yup... we will be changing the mouseover thing as soon as we can get it done... there are a number of other features in the works that did not make it to the site before we went live though, so those are being done first... more refined searches, cleaning up of css code, and so forth

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    Looks great, much more modern and clean. Like everyone else, I think it'd be good to have descriptions/prices on the items before hovering (or tapping on mobile).

    Also, for mobile use: It's hard to select categories or brands. The instant you click on the top-level menu to expand it, it starts going to a page, so you need to tap your next choice quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 77kath View Post
    It looks very nice! But it is not very responsive to iPad commands.
    yeah i do alot of websurfing on ipad too, it would be nice to read the knife description and price on an ipad without having to click on every single photo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paradox View Post
    I think the look is good. I do not like the mouse over for info on items though.
    +1 it takes me longer to find the knife I'm interested (length, steel type etc.)

    I also agree with all the statements about iPad browsing.

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    One more vote for displaying basic information instead of having to mouse over it. It looks great, but basic information should be displayed, like type, size, price....

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    Yes, I hate the mouse over. It's marginally prettier, but makes it annoying to find price and size. Customers don't want to have to click on every guyto (they look the same for most novices) image to see name, price and size. I have friends in the web page optimization field and generally the less clicks the better. The faster a customer can see what they want at their price, the faster they buy.

    One should see the knife's basic info and then click in the image to get detailed info.

    This is an opinion and please take no offense.

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