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Thread: forgecraft potential?

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    forgecraft potential?

    I'm thinking of buying these forgecrafts? should I hold out and go for something with the patina cleaned off, or you think these would scrub up ok?

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    They usually clean up quite easily and nicely.
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    I'm just new to full carbon, handles seem ok wear wise though.

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    Those would polish up nicely, the main thing to watch for is pitting, especially near the edge

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    might jump for these in the next few days, I think that will cover the carbon carving/bbq knives nicely

    Unless I get tempted by one of those mental 10" old hickory butchering bullnoses, from watching bbq pit boys lol
    (I have no idea what I would use this for given I have a 210 WD already)

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    Those old bullnoses are awesome. The added weight on the tip makes slicing large cuts a breeze.
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    As for forgies, take a look. That appears to be thinned a little from the pattern, it looks like it is worn and the pattern is less pronounced. That being said, if you arent as concerned about it, no biggy. They dont appear to have any real pitting that would cause issues.
    Have a knife day!

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    Somewhere around the forum, I recall a thread that helped date forgies based on the different logo stampings. That same thread gave some insight into quality based on time period. (In general, earlier were better grinds - I think). Worth searching out.

    That said - from your pictures there doesn't look to be any pitting. That's the biggest issue.
    I've cleaned up far worse looking ones with good success: Bar Keepers Friend, Flitz, and some stone time (maybe new handles if you like) and they turn into great cutters.

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    I thought I'd give these two a try, were pretty cheap even delivered to the uk

    I know though if I like the carver its gonna need a rehandle.

    maybe got for the bigger chefs knife they do next month if I like em.

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    Some of those old wood handles you can round the edges , clean them up with sanding & apply a nice finish & buff um up.

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