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Thread: My current status re: e-mails and sharpening services

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    no worries... i'm still working on getting caught up with e-mails too though... i've got about 150 left in my inbox after today

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    go jon go
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    as a side note, your knife is ready... i want to take some pics of it for you, but i hope to get you an invoice soon

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    Hope I'm on the done list, too, Jon!

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    Good lord I thought I got a lot of emails.
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    thanks Jon for communicating this to us, i was starting to take it personally.

    I also have an e-mail in that unresponded to pile but for your hand-work I'm willing to wait.

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    White #2 Ginga Petty or Kochi in V2? for a line type of knife?

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    Yeah... It's been totally overwhelming lately... I'm working on getting stuff done as quickly as I can though

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    Email me and TAKE MY MONEY!

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