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Thread: Non-Gesshin Hide

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    Non-Gesshin Hide

    Has anyone had first hand experience with the hide knives direct from Im looking at a 270 wa-gyuto, 150 petty, and maybe a 210 white yanagi.... Had a little correspondence regarding specs for the gyuto which are fairly standard (51 tall, 260 edge, 2.4 spine at heel. Is that laserish for a 270?). Im just more curious about performance, grind etc. As a home cook who doesn't get to sharpen as much as he wants, edge retention is not much of an issue, im also interested if anyone knows how their swedish stainless performs on the stones. Seem like decent prices. Cheers.

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    I've got a Hide ko-deba blue#1 direct from Japan and I think, in my limited experience, that it is every bit as good as Gesshin Hide kensaki yanagi that I got from Jon.

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    Anyone knows? I'm also interested in their stainless (for a petty).

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