So, Ive just taken over a restaurant in a hotel in the center of brisbane city. The restaurant seats 40 max, we do Room service and private functions / catering. Its an easy gig, with a huge kitchen maybe 30m2? theres 2 hot lines, 1 we use for mise other for service. It's modern cafe style cuisine and it was pretty run down when i took over. Since then i have sacked the existing sous as he was pathetic and lost his ways... and had to let a few other cooks go. So at the moment its me and my Demi chef who is currently running services and breakfasts. I have a sous coming onboard in a week, who ive worked with for 2 years prior to this establishment. He ran a $3k dinner service with me tonight, with 30 minute wait times and the last 2 hours SOLO on his first day and hadn't seen the menu until we packed down... Nothing but compliments, straight up animal who gets it done but his plates and palette are exceptional.

The pay is above average award wages and you WILL be taken care of. minimum $50k+ pending the right applicant (can go casual if you want) + ( be qualified and confident.) This position can go as far as you want to take it. It's a spot to learn and work with a highly productive group of young upcoming qualified chefs, we have ALL done 10+ solid years in kitchens. and have BIG plans for this one.

The pay for the kitchenhand will be award rate - casual may lead to FT.

The hours will be no more than 8-9 per shift with the possibility of splits if capable. otherwise straight shifts 4/5 days or so... 2 consecutive days off per week.
The restaurant is open until 9pm and room service until 9:30. Your expected duties will include straightforward mise, basic cleaning and organization and service(s). Occasional function service.

You will be working with a group of guys who are VERY casual and relaxed. Any more questions just PM.