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Thread: New forge build!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevinT View Post
    I recognize that, it came off of the back of the bat-mobile.

    The bat-mobile indeed!! I didn't expect it to be this substantial, but my buddy is a journeyman welder, who works repairing drilling rigs, and equipment, so most of the build came fro his left-overs. The pipe and cap's I salvaged from scrap bins on a pipeline job I surveyed. The burners are also from the oil field. Each keeps a 750 barrel of crude oil hot/liquid in our -40 winters. (A tank is 15'6" wide, and 30' tall)

    Tom, I could do that, but the postage would be killer!!

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    Really looking to seeing the forge get put to use.
    Lots of action shots would be fun.
    Plus it will help to keep you warm up there in the arctic.

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    Wowzers, what you looking to melt in there Pierre

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