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Thread: can we have a 'like' button?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chef Andy View Post
    Anothing thing, a like button would decrease the amount of posts made, which is one way forums are ranked on forum ranking websites. The higher the rank on those sites, the better it is for advertising. Seems insignificant but every little bit counts.
    Hm… it might been been adblock but I've never seen any advertising here on KKF. I guess the point of site supporters was to allow KKF to focus on usability for members, not on things like position in different ranking websites.

    I'm struggling to understand what's wrong with like buttons? Nowadays they seems to be everywhere. People are used to them. Properly implemented they wouldn't catch attention unless you really want to look for likes count. There were several members here, who said they don't like "like" buttons, but they didn't mentioned why. Would be interesting to hear they position.

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    no no, not that kind of advertising.. I meant KKF being more advertised on other sites to draw more users, thus making the site more active. It's a very small reason as to why not have a like button, but a reason none the less. It's similar to search engine optimization, which will let your page appear first when people google search things more often.

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    The mods and I are discussing this behind the scenes.

    The general feeling is it would not fit well for us, but it's still in discussion.

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    i dont like it.

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    I think you'll end up with a lot of people skim reading through the posts and only reading those that have a lot of likes. I know that's pretty much what I do on sites that have the feature
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    I do not see any need for a like button. It would not bother me a bit if there were one; I probably would never use it.

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    I only check this site, and most in general, on my phone. I often find I double tap my screen on pictures, trying to like them, just as I would on Instagram. I don't hate the idea, but I get what others are saying. It might turn into a popularity contest, as Brainsausage mentioned, or just clutter it all up, like Johnny and a few others stated. Meh.

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