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Thread: New Classic Albums post 1995

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    New Classic Albums post 1995

    Great albums after the grunge era. Thoughts?

    Fear Factory- Demanufacture
    Dream Theater- Scenes from a Memory
    BT- This Binary Universe
    Ozzy- Ozzmosis
    Bjork- Homogenic
    Neutral Milk Hotel- Aeroplane over the sea
    Radiohead- OK computer

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    Foo Fighters-Love 'em all, especially the new one Wasting Light
    Black Keys-El Camino
    Cake-Prolonging the Magic
    Coheed and Cambria-The Second Stage Turbine Blade
    The Cribs-Mens needs, womens needs, whatever
    Cut Copy-In Ghost Colours
    The Darkness-Permission to land
    Disturbed-The Sickness
    System of a Down-Toxicity
    Queens of the Stone Age-Songs for the Deaf
    Electric Six-Fire
    Feist-The Reminder
    Freestylers-We Rock Hard
    Bloc Party-Silent Alarm
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    Arcade Fire-The Suburbs
    Gorillaz-Demon Days
    Hot Chip-Coming on strong
    Kasabian-West Ryder Paper Lunatic Asylum
    The Killers-Hot Fuss
    The White Stripes-Elephant
    Modest Mouse-Good news for people who love bad news and We were dead before the ship even sank
    Muse-Black Holes and Revelations
    N.E.R.D.-In search of.......
    The Postal Service-Give Up
    The Prodigy-Always outnumbered never outgunned
    Silversun Pickups-Carnavas
    Starf***er-Miracle Mile
    The Subways-Young for Eternity
    Tapes & Tapes-The Loon
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs-It's Blitz
    The Ziggens-Live:Tickets still available
    Pinback-Blue Screen Life
    Band of Horses-Infinite Arms
    Crystal Method-Legion of Boom
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    Mark Lanegan - Blues Funeral
    Old 97s - Fight Songs
    Beck - Sea Change

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    Devildriver: The Fury of Our Maker's Hand
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    I love Neutral Milk's Aeroplane. Amazing album.

    Other than that I would add as possible candidates.

    * Belle & Sebastian's If You're Feeling Sinister
    * Andrew Bird's Noble Beast
    * Gogol Bordello's Underdog World Strike (I'm obligated to recommend them
    * The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs
    * The White Stripes' Elephant

    Those might be some others.

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    The wife loves that Belle and Sebastian album along with Magnetic Fields. Also Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

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    Madvillain- Madvillainy
    Sleep - Dopesmoker
    Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein
    The Kills - midnight boom
    Electric Wizard - We Live
    Quasimoto - The Unseen
    Lootpack - Soundpieces Da antidote
    Jaylib - Champion Sound
    So many more... Do Faith No More re-releases count?
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    Soul Coughing- El Oso
    Spiritualized- Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
    Morphine- the Night
    Silver Jews- American Water
    Lucinda Williams-Live at Fillmore East
    Balkan Beat Box- Nu Med
    This is what I listen to most from post 1995, off the top of my head

    And I'm currently trying very hard to get a sold out neutral milk ticket.

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    Neko Case- Blacklisted

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    I counted, there are 7/70+ artists mentioned so far who's name I heard before, of four of them I remember hearing a song. For me, new classic albums after 1995 would be greatest hits compilations from songs that were recorded before 1975. I guess I am old...


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