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Thread: M3 Composite for bolster

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    M3 Composite for bolster

    I have a question regarding the bolster I want to put on a fillet knife.

    I'd like to use M3 composite for the bolster, but I cannot find out if it is safe to use brazing/silver solder to attach it to the tang.

    My Google-fu has failed me in this quest. I sent an email to the manufacturer, but no response as yet.

    Anyone have any experience regarding this?



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    Welcome to KKF Garrett. I haven't used M3 myself but I do not believe it can be brazed/soldered. Soldering requires that the solder be able to migrate into the surface layer of the materials being bonded on a molecular level. M3, being a chemically bonded composite, has no crystal matrix for the solder to bond with. Not 100% positive about this answer, but pretty sure I'm correct.

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    I agree with Mikey, but more from intuition than from knowledge. I found Mike Kogan to be usually quite responsive and helpful. Maybe send him a reminder email?


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    Ok, found this on the manufacturers web site..."M3 needs to be worked differently than traditional metals. M3 is a metal composite, the metal equivalent of engineered stone like Caesar Stone. You can’t forge, solder, roll or bend it around a mandrel."

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