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Thread: Do I really need to pay $230 for the Shun Fuji ceramic honing steel?

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    Do I really need to pay $230 for the Shun Fuji ceramic honing steel?


    For my wife's birthday, I splurged and bought her a Shun Fuji 8.5" Chef's Knife. I loved the way it looked and surprised her with it, and she loves it. I always knew I needed a honing steel, but the saleswoman at Williams Sonoma made it sound like I NEEDED the Shun Fuji Ceramic honing steel, which retails for $229+tax. Ive found ceramic honing steels on amazon for 30 bucks. Is there anything special about the shun fuji one? I would really rather not have to pay ~$250 for it. Thank you in advance for any input/advice.

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    Idahone Ceramic Rod (12") is the best I have ever used.

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    Nooooooo. DMT makes as good a ceramic rod as any. Others are good too. Many prefer diamond steel steels to ceramic. Either way, keep $200 in your pocket. (Or spend it on a stone or two to actually sharpen the knife)
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    IMO stay away from diamond steels. Get a ceramic if you are going to use one. Get an Idahone or mac black...

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    Have a good 2-3k stone to perform edge trailing strokes on.

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    ditch the rod get a stone.

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    Ceramic rods are definitely handy to have around. I like the Mac black rod, but Ikea do one for very little, about a tenner over here, that does a decent job
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    Hell no! For that kind of money you could get several sharpening stones plus a cheap ceramic rod if you're so inclined. I do everything on stones myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitbud View Post
    Idahone Ceramic Rod (12") is the best I have ever used.
    I second this.

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