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Thread: Site down?

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    Well, it's down again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chef Andy View Post
    Yeah, I can't stand hostgator. Awful host in my opinion. Price is right tho.
    If you are loosing money because your customers can't place orders then not so much.

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    it wasnt a price issue decision for us... it was an ease of transferring the site issue. However, since we started having these issues, i've started looking into alternative hosting companies... its pretty bad right now. Again, sorry about that.

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    No Hinoura pr0n for me tonight.
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    Our website is down for the time being due to problems with our hosting company... they had a rather large problem effecting many of their servers, sadly, including ours. We hope it will be back up soon. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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