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Thread: Pass around. Midway line knife

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    Oh, and I'll ship out on Tuesday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    Sorry I'm a little late with my review.
    I have never had a line knife and honestly didn't have a need for one all the years I was catering. Getting back on the line changed all that. I've traded my 270 and 280+ gyutos in for 240's and have even been using a sub 8 inch knife on the line, also my 150 petty gets a lot of play.
    All that being said, I really wanted to put this knife through the paces. I had this baby out all day every day for a week+ and enjoyed every minute of it. It arrived wicked sharp with the start of a very minimal bird's beak (sharpening issue) going on. I did not correct it until I was done(It was so minimal it didn't affect performance) and ready to ship to DaveB.
    I absolutely love the handle material(burlap micarta?) and found the handle to be pretty comfy, but a tad awkward in hand-hard to explain.
    Great F&F on the knife, nice grind, not a lot of stiction for how thin and nimble the knife is.

    So, this thing tackled every imaginable task at work. Mincing shallots to dicing onions, chiffonade parsley,etc -lots of detailed prep. It was a great asset to the line during service in slicing proteins and veg for plate-ups. It also saw it's fair share of meat fabrication.........very efficient as a boner and great for cutting smaller steaks and removing silverskin. Yeah it saw some seafood too!
    I was not the only person to use this knife at work. It was used on the line by a few other hands as I trust my team with all my knives(even the Raders) and they were very impressed by this one. I think they were upset that it wasn't staying around for good!
    So, all in really knocked it out if the park with this one Randy.
    This thing saw the best of the best and the worst of the worst in a 4 Star 4 Diamond Hotel kitchen. I/We were not gentle with it and it came out unscathed.
    I hope you make this your next production run, it's a winner.

    Oh yeah and great edge retention and HT on the AEB-L. Other than a little correction on the tip, I only hit it on my Rika 5K before sending it along.
    Was definitely sad to see it go.
    Thanks Randy!

    Great review and useful info on the knife and its design and function! Im Glad you had a chance to put it through its paces.

    Thanks much!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveb View Post
    HHH Passaround Line Knife

    Summary: VG form/fit, light and thin but not laser, good release. I found knife to be better dicer than slicer. Could be a tad longer to improve(?) draw cuts. Only critique is in-hand comfort (more below).

    Form/Fit: Knife is without flaw. HHH mark well done and crisp looking. Burlap handle was different, may not have been my first choice, but complimented knife well. It was starting to win me over by end of week.

    Performance: The first couple days I used knife exclusively at home to prepare meals. Worked well portioning chicken breasts, trimming and portioning hanger steak and a lot of cutting vegs. Good release, better than expected for thin knife.

    Then used it for 3 days of catering prep. Butterflied pork butts and full sized pork loins, trimmed and portioned case of chicken thighs, trimmed a case of pork tenderloins - prepping for sous vide, trimmed half case of beef tenderloins. Also prepped a lot of crudité (why do people pay money for something they don't eat?), quartered a case of mushrooms, and a lot of other making big stuff into small stuff. Tried to portion seared tuna - knife was a little to sticky.

    For the meat prep the knife compared well to a 180 petty I typically use for these tasks. It also compared well to gyuto I typically use for veg prep. Did not perform as well with portioning or draw cuts. In short, for me it does very well with push cuts, adequate but less than ideal for pull cuts. (Its very possible that this user was part of this.) If other users have the same experience this could be an issue with a line knife as I imagine working the line entails considerably more draw cutting and portioning than push cuts.

    Suggest that knife could be a tad longer to improve(?) draw cuts. Note that I claim no knowledge of knife design.

    My only critique is comfort at the handle/blade and grip. Not sure cause of awkward fit - spine not rounded enough, handle shape too thin or other. I use mostly wa handles but do use some westerns. This was not a comfortable knife to grip for me for extended use.. At the end of the day I was sporting a brand new callus.

    Thanks Randy for making this knife available and Ecchef for the thankless task of coordinating the review.


    Dave. Thank you for the great info and input. much respect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dardeau View Post
    So this last weekend was the perfect time to give this knife a workout, very busy with me spending more time on the line in addition to butchering. That being said I am beat and if this is less than coherent forgive me.

    The handle on this seems to have been a point of contention for other reviewers. I really liked the micarta(?) and if someone could make me skinny, tapered, d shaped handles with the great texture and cleanability of this I would be a happy camper. I am not too hot for mosaic pins, but this one is tasteful and attractive. The shape/transition to the blade is where most people seem to have some beef with this handle. At first I agreed, on this sized knife with a western handle I am used to a really skinny Sab handle, and the contours and the angle with that the handle met the blade made my pinch awkward. At some point on day two I quit choking up on the blade so hard and it just slid into place. Instead of pinching so far up the spine I pinched right at or even behind the makers mark and it made the handle much more comfortable and the knife more nimble and useful. If I were designing a knife I would not do the handle this way but it is not a design flaw and works perfectly if used as intended.

    I used the edge it came to me with at first and it cut very well through basic mise, chiffonade parsley, shaving and bruniose chilies, supremes, etc.

    The next day I did a little touch up on my work stone, the Gesshin combo, sharpening on the 1k and deburring on the 6k. Then I bruniosed two quarts of shallot. There was very little edge loss. I put it to a bunch of other tasks from dicing tomatoes to portioning a bunch of fish. The edge was not toothy enough for tomatoes at the end of the day but a short strop on the 6k set it right. That night the grill guys carved skirt steak, ribeye, grilled tuna, salmon belly, chicken breast, and did mise with it and had nothing but compliments and requests of "how much?".

    I sharpened it again on the naturals at home and it sharpened nicely, I haven't tested the edge on anything but my thumbnail, but it feels good.

    The height of the tip and the heel surprised me, that the tip was so low and the heel so high. I think both of these things are what made the knife so useful for its size. It really feels like it has much more usable length than it actually has. All in all a winner!

    Another awesome review/write up. Great info and sounds like great timing for it to be there!! Thanks


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    Hi Randy.

    Is there any way to estimate when/if we will see a production run of the Midway?

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    I have not finalized the design yet. But once I do it wont be very long. Maybe 2 months or less for completed knives to start Rolling out the door.

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    Currently I am getting ready to start another round of 240mm Gyutos. they will be done in front of the line knife

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    I hope to be able to start a pre buy on the 240s soon. Once I get a ETA on them.

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    Randy, Sort of on topic - I recently picked up one of your paring knives off b/s/t. Cool little knife, feels/works great in hand. I have not seen them available here as a new product - any chance of a lot or two fitting into your schedule?
    Older and wider.

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    Dave. I think its a good possibility! I have about 800 lbs of AEB-L sitting in the shop waiting for me to tear it up! Did you buy a standard shape or a sheep foot shape blade?

    Let me try to get a batch on the list of things to do this summer!

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