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Thread: Pass around. Midway line knife

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    Pass around. Midway line knife

    Pass around!!! This is my first official pass around. The Midway..

    OAL approx 13"
    Blade approx 200mm. AEB-L stainless steel. Heat treated to RC61
    Handle material. To Be Determined. I have not chosen the handle materials for the pass around blade yet and am open to suggestions.

    I am currently working on the prototype and it to be ready and shipped to the first member by Monday.

    Im going to open this to 12 KKF Members. I would like it to be tested by both, pros and home cooks.

    This pass around is a U.S. only. I will offer a international pass around on this knife if the demand for it is high enough when its done with the 12 week tour of duty! .

    Please understand this is a time sensitive thing. So I need full cooperation in the time the knife is with each person. Prompt shipping and good communication is a must to be part of this pass around.

    The usual rules apply - keep it for 1 week (7days max).. Sharpen only if needed. Insure it and ship it USPS priority mail to the next person on the list.

    Post in this thread when you get the knife and when you send it to the next person. Write me a review on PM and or post about your experience with the knife here in this thread. Pictures, videos. welcomed but not required.

    I will post the list tomorrow night..

    PM me or reply in this thread if you're interested. and let me know if your a pro or a home cook.

    Lastly. Have fun!!

    Here is a photo of the "Espresso" Which is the 2nd prototype of this design. This one is currently on a short pass around to a few pro chefs. The one I am working on is based on the specs of this one so it will be very similar profile..

    I will post pictures of the finished pass around knife ASAP.

    God Bless YA!

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    Cincinnati, Oh
    in! home cook here.

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    Chicago, Il
    IIIInn!!! thanks

    sorry forgot to say, pro cook

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    Chucktown, SC
    I'm In!!!!!

    I can't wait to FINALLY try a Randy blade!
    pro here

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    Just outside Tampa
    I would like in. Primarily home cook.
    Older and wider..

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    Springfield Oregon
    I'll be patient and wait for a production knife.... Still hoping that it will be available with a red G-10 handle.. P.S. I have a sheet of 3/8" if that helps on a build.
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    in as well, pro cook.

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    San Francisco Bay Area
    Would love to try it if there's another slot for a home cook.

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    St.John's , Newfoundland
    Would love to try this out if it comes to Canada, I am a pro cook.

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    In the 'other' village.
    Technically, I am on US soil......and use regular USPS.......

    So I'll sign up as a pro and hope for the best.

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