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Thread: Passaround - Kanetsune 165mm Deba

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    I got this in the mail yesterday and wanted to post a quick first impressions. This is the first deba I've ever held. To be honest it might be the first deba I've ever seen in real life. The knife itself is beautiful, I'm still kind of curious what the steel is. The handle is gorgeous, at first I thought it was too thick for me but after just a little use it became very comfortable. I was surprised by just how thick it is at the spine, and how heavy a knife it is all around. But with the weight and thickness still incredibly nimble, I was impressed with how the knife works so well and flies through meat. I am dispatching a couple of red fish tonight, hopefully I'll get a couple of pics.

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    Glad it's made it to you. I did not hear anything more from Charles so you've got the last stop. Enjoy.
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