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Thread: I need a prayer.

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    All the best for a full recovery!
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    Best wishes! He'll be in my prayers tonight.

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    Glad he's going to pull through.

    Best wishes.

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    Prayers sent for continued recovery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbochef422 View Post
    Thank you everyone for the best wishes. He ended up having two major heart attacks with damage to 45% of his heart. He will have 4 stents and a pacemaker. He will be ok and that's the important thing but he definitely took not being able to be a fire fighter anymore pretty hard. He was playing hockey on the fire team and they jumped into action and even used the paddles and would not stop CPR till he came back. It's some scary stuff being only 38 as I am going to be 32 you kind of feel invincible until something like this happens. His two fellow fire fighters definitely saved his life plus there was 45 fire fighters from all over that came to the hospital for support.
    If he's a fighter and takes care of himself he can make it. I have had 5 by the time I was 39 . I'm still kickin and he will be too. The difference is he has a lot more reasons to stay in the game. Wife and kids are huge motivators. If you guys ever need some one to talk this through with. give me a buzz. I have alot of experience with this shyt. positive thoughts and prayers heading your way.
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    My thoughts are with you and your family turbo.

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    Praying for a fast and complete recovery. Best wishes and many blessing to you and yours.

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    Sorry to hear this. Praying for full recovery, and new direction.
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