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Thread: Shigefusa, Kato and stones

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    Shigefusa, Kato and stones

    now have bit time to get some new products up in the store

    So here you go:

    Some more Shigefusas is up in the store
    I got ONLY one of each
    Kitaeji Santoku 165mm
    Kasumi Deba 165 mm
    and KU Petty 150 mm

    Only one Very sought after now Kato Higonokami
    Kato made the handle for it him self.
    Very light Amazing knife ! Steel is almost like glass, Gets super sharp

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1100259.jpg 
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    Another Mandoline from Benriner in the store too

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1100257.jpg 
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    And very cool stones this time !

    2 Takashimas for Knives or tools !

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1100216.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1100221.jpg 
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    Super Beautiful and very big Atagoyama Kiita
    That one is so clean and fine so it can be used on all, knives tools and razors

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1100226.jpg 
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    And finally collector grade Hakka
    Very Unique hakka !!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1100231.jpg 
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    Nice stuff, Maksim! One nice Takashima and a Shigefusa Petty belong now to me!! sorry guys, i couldn't resist....

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    The Kato Higonokami found its way to me.

    It's really more than i hoped for it to be. It's nicely shaped and finished, not only the blade but the handle as well. Very smooth wherever you grab it. It's a unique knife and a cool way to have a blade of one of the best japanese blacksmiths with you wherever you go.

    Not only that but Kato improved on the original Higonokami design. That is, it has a nicely rounded lever which you put your finger or your thumb on to prevent it from closing by accident. Also, it has a curvature or indentation on the opposite side of the lever on the bottom of the handle which prevents your hand from slipping into the blade.

    For an interesting article, look up "Higonokami Story".

    Maksim made me a nice sheath out of kangoroo leather for it. It fits nicely and has a belt loop as well. I can put it on the handle even when the knife is opened and it covers the lever as a way of locking the blade open.

    Thank you very much Maksim!

    P.S: I wanted to put a few pics but the upload function does not work for me anymore.

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    Nice review taj. I was eyeing it too. Now I wait for a Kato dragon.

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    The bigger Takashima is just outstanding! I knew it's quite good, but the reality was over my expectations. The stone is very smooth, very soft, i would say, pretty muddy, it develops the slurry from the very beginning of the sharpening and it gives a super fine feeling while it! The stone works better on SS-knives, almost any kind of stainless, works good even on high- speed tool steel and PM(powdered steel) with high HRC. It's a silent stone, and a nice one as well. The feeling is similar to Hakka, but a bit softer. Really good one as a beginner stone, not as Okudo or Nakayama. Creates a nice hazy finish, i will use it before my super hard fine finisher ( which i use for an ultimate finish and perfect refined edge). Great value for money!

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    Now i was able to upload some pictures of the Kato folder.

    Name:  Kato_Higonokami-01.jpg
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Size:  14.8 KBName:  Kato_Higonokami-02.jpg
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Size:  12.7 KBName:  Kato_Higonokami-03.jpg
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    Cool pics Tom
    Thank you very much for reviews they are awesome

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