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Thread: Magnets

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    double post... sorry

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    I did it a litle different.
    block magnets,

    Here is a pic guide:

    Distance to frontline of the wood was 2 mm. Magnets glued with epoxy. Its very important to clean the wood and magnets before glueing.

    Make a piece of metal that fits the magnetstrip on the back of your tree. Its important that the metalt is magnetic since it syncronize the magneticfield of all the magnets to what feels like 1½ times the magneticfield.

    Attatch this metalbar to the wall. You decide the distance to the wall with the litle rubber/plastic cap under the metal. Take note on the way the screwholes is made. The screw need to be under the level of the metalbar surface

    After this is done, you simply click the tree to the magnetic metalbar on the wall.... And booom Easy to make, easy to assemble and easy to take off

    In my version 2.0 ill make to magnetic fields on top of each other, with like 2 lines of magnets. That will give the knives 2 fix points so they will not rotate on the magnetbar.
    The upper line does not have to be as strong as the one which the metalbar is attatched to.

    Sorry for my english... i need alot of technical words, that i have in danish

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    I have seen this style of making magnetic bar from some guys in NZ. I like it very much. And you did a very nice job on this one.

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