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Thread: Anybody live in or around Sarasota, FL?

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    Anybody live in or around Sarasota, FL?

    Winters up north have beat me into submission. I'm on the verge of starting a new life and a home for one. I thought I'd stay in NJ, but this winter has made me change my mind. So it seems like there is plenty of affordable housing in the Bradenton/Sarasota area. I'm open to any suggestions about where to live from Bradenton down to Venice. I don't know anything about the area other than Winter is just 90 days marked on a calendar and nothing more.

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    I'm just outside of Tampa. Sister has house in Bradenton, good friend in Sarasota. All good. Bradenton a little more "quaint" than Sarasota.

    South of Sara prices start going up, peaking at Naples/Marco Island. North of Bradenton is considerably less expensive, though average age is deceased and housing is predominately cinder block or retirement "villages". (Local euphemism means trailer park) . As would be expected closer to gulf means higher prices anywhere on coast.

    TPA is only full size airport in area - if that's important think north.

    Outside your search area is community called "land of lakes", just n of Tampa. Dollar buys a lot there, rural but 30 min from city.

    Any specific questions, feel free to pm.
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