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Thread: FS: Nagura, Ohira Suita

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    FS: Nagura, Ohira Suita

    #1 Huge Ohira Suita from JNS (206x75x54mm) lvl4 stone, works great with nagura, but can be used on it's own.
    This a finishing stone that produces very nice mirror finish on Hagane, and nice mirrored mist on jigane. Ohira , according to Max are getting more and more expensive so the prices will be going up and who knows if there will be many stones that will be reasonably priced in future. This is a chance to get one at a very good price, and this stone will last generations.

    PRICE= $650 insured, add 4% if paying with paypal.

    back of the stone

    #2 Tenjio nagura (183x53x39mm), this one is pure white, very high quality stone. Soft and absolute pleasure to sharpen on.
    Great for razor prepolisher, making slurry on other jnats, sharpening on it directly.

    PRICE=$250 insured and shipped. Add 4% if paying by paypal.

    #3 Koma nagura (~95g) , pure white, very soft, fast and easy to break down.
    PRICE= $110 shipped. Add 4% if paying with paypal.

    #4 Mejiro Nagura (200x54x28mm , at largest dimensions). A great stone to sharpen directly on, it is good fro knife finishing, razor prepolisher, slurry stone for other Jnats.
    PRICE= $230 shipped and insured. Add 4% if paying with paypal.

    #5 Ozuko Asagi with Karasu, koppa from JNS. This a top notch Jnat for razor honing, very compact and uniform. This stone produces a superb edge, and work with any steel available for razors. The stone works great with nagura, or tomonagura, or water only. The stone comes with a slurry stone.
    PRICE =$350 shipped and insured. Add 4% if oaying with paypal.
    Dimensions clockwise starting from the longest side and clockwise (first pic): 163x 55x110x93x40mm, 18mm thickness.

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    Beautiful stones

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    surprised koma is still there... near impossible to find it these days

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    Ohira Suita reduced, now $620. Not going to find cheaper one at that size guys, I am selling for what I payed for it about a year a go, now big quality Ohiras go for $1000 +

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    Koma -sold

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    One and only price drop for the ohira -$550
    Ozuko - $ 300

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