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Thread: FS: Big JNS Ohira Suita

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    FS: Big JNS Ohira Suita

    For sale: Big Ohira suita from JNS -- Quite a stone and probably the most special in my collection. Selling to raise funds for other things.

    Bought this a year ago on the advice of a KKF member who's now pretty much inactive but who should probably go down as the biggest ever non-vendor naturals collector here. He'd tried this one on a visit to Denmark and recommended it to me, and it used to be part of Maxim's own collection. So, a hard decision for me to sell.

    Very very clean and uniform large ohira suita with some renge and yellow/brown/silver colors. Absolutely zero lines. Very fast and fine and can be used for anything. 'Collector's grade' and a 24-gata.

    I've used it lightly at home so it's pretty much exactly the same as when purchased except of course that the stamps have worn off. Asking $800 including insured shipping to most places (just check first with me if for example you're not in North America or the EU.)

    Here's the JNS link:

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    I'd like to buy that nice stone.

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    Quick one. Thanks!


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    I would've had I $800 to spare! Shouldn't have bought so many knives recently I guess haha! Glad it went quick for you, I figured it would!

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    The stone arrived, very nicely packaged. It's much nicer in person and very impressive. Can't wait to try it.

    Thank you very much Asteger!

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