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Thread: How stupid would this tattoo be?

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    Jul 2013
    New Brunswick
    People often get tattoos of lyrics or of famous quotes. Sometimes it's just to remind themselves of their past or to motivate them in the future. I don't see getting this tattoo a big deal at all and by no means stupid. At the end of the day its how you feel about it and what you see when you look at it. Just don't be cheap, you get what you pay for.

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    I don't think there's anything stupid about it. I'd love to find an actual family crest or coat of arms. There are so many variations of my last name that it would just be picking my favorite of the 12 or so that I've seen. I don't see how you'd be disrespecting your ancestors by honoring them with the family crest they founded.

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    Thanks guys. I'm going to give it some thought. I've never gotten a tattoo, but I've contemplated it more than once. Need to find the right artist, but Cincinnati is flush.

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    You should consider doing your family crest in kanji.

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    Speaking of tattoos, Dave, with a name like Martell, you should get a forge hammer tattoo on one of your arms.

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    I've been pondering a tattoo myself. After thinking it over for about 4 months now, I think I'm going to just have a piece of art made with my design concept.

    Just my $.02...nothing against them, just decided it's not for me.

    Remember: You're a unique individual...just like everybody else.

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