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Thread: Website redesign!

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    As an example of how important responsive web design can be:

    Januray 2012:
    desktop - 84.37%
    mobile - 9.28%
    tablet - 6.34%

    January 2013:
    desktop - 74.05%
    mobile - 14.09%
    tablet - 11.86%

    January 2014:
    desktop - 64.52%
    mobile - 21.63%
    tablet - 13.85%

    In two years desktop visitors dropped from 84 to 65 percent!

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    If I could make one suggestion... An "Available Knives" page, full of Hoss' beautiful kitchen knives for sale would be great! it looks awesome! Nice work
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    I like the new design. Well done.

    Why isn't "feather" one of the patterns pictured?

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    Nice work guys, it looks beautiful!
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    Thanks Dillard and Larrin for helping me. I'm not good with web sites and such.


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    Your welcome Hoss, always a pleasure working on your website and thanks everyone for the kind comments I am glad you all like the redesign.

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    Isn't that photo of the damascus suji on the slider the knife Devin used to pay Dillard for the last website redesign?

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    The website has elegant design and is easy to navigate. I enjoyed reading the FAQ section - some interesting info on the AEB-L (makes me even more to get a knife made out of it ).

    So yes - I like the new design

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    The website is great and has a lot of good information.

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