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Thread: Hail Gesshin Hide

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    Hail Gesshin Hide

    Jon is away for the NY food show to represent Gesshin Hide craftsmen. I recalled that two years ago when he went there, one of his new knife that I also custom ordered was also at the show, a kensaki yanagiba, about 6.30" in, in this video.

    A quiet rainy Sunday makes me grab Gesshin Hide Kensaki out for a clean up before switching its turn with a Shig kitaeji yanagiba. Now that I am down to two sashimi knives, I still use Hide about half the time. Apart from super fine fit and finish, and kitaeji pattern, I am as happy owning a Hide yanagiba as a Shigefusa yanagiba

    Recent Jon's show off of his superb honbadzuke above, gave me an idea to capture Hide after two years of light home use.

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    Gorgeous. Hideyaki-San is an artist and a fine craftsman, and Jon has a great eye when it comes to picking knives to represent.

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