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Thread: Hello from Canada

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    Hello from Canada

    Used this forum countless times for questions I've had about technique and knife care.

    I have been cooking for upwards of five years now, more passionately the passed three to be honest. Taken on quite a liking to the endless journey the culinary world has to offer. Seen some beautiful knives since then, a lot came from this forum.

    Always something to learn here and I will enjoying being a part of it, cheers!

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    Welcome to KKF! Whereabouts in canada you from?

    How bout the women's Canadian hockey game today in the Olympics. That was a great game. A real nail biter. Could have gone either way.

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    3-2! Classic!

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    Currently living in St. John's Newfoundland.

    A beauty of a game! Some of the best women's hockey I've seen. Glad we came out on top, but yes very close!

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    Welcome aboard!

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    Welcome to KKF
    Just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it...

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    Welcome to the forum!

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