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Thread: FS: Takeda Aogami Super Nakiri - 165mm

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    FS: Takeda Aogami Super Nakiri - 165mm

    Lightly used in home kitchen, maybe 10 times. Picked up a Butch Harner Nakiri and can't justify keeping both. $200 shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking.

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    GLWTS. I think Takedas have been a bit maligned lately and I'm not sure it's totally fair in the case of his nakiri.

    I generally find myself a fan of thin knives, but the tradeoff I get with them is the food release. Takeda nakiri are anti-stick lasers in a sense, though a bit of bevel flattening might be in order to really get the most out of the knife.

    Congrats on the Harner.

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    Knife SPF. Thanks for looking.

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