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Thread: Konosuke Fujiyama Help

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    Konosuke Fujiyama Help

    Can someone explain to me the differences in the lines of knives under this name? Are there different steel types and grinds under the same name?

    The reason why I'm asking is because I've just come across my first Konosuke Fujiyama with wide bevels and I'm sort of shocked by how thick the knife is - it's supposed to be a gyuto (I think) but it's a tank. I hear so much praise about this line of knives and then I see this one and I'm confused. I feel like I have to be missing something here.

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    Are they all wide beveled?

    Steel types?

    How are the bevels? Do they need work or are they good to go? Shinogi? Blade road flat?

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    The white 2 Fujiyama gyuto i had that i recently sold had a grind that sorta reminded me of kato actually. Ofcourse the spine was about half as thick as a kato,lol. But basically had a slow taper from choil to edge. The choil next to the handle and the spine both measured roughly 3.2mm thick. But the blue and ginsanko Fujiyamas seem to have a completely different grind. Maybe the Fujiyama in your possession is a very well used one in need of thinning?

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    I love mine and the ones I had definitely not thick.

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    The Blue 1 Fuji I have has wide bevels, but it's not thick at the spine, and is very thin at the edge. It's ground pretty perfectly, to be honest. Can we see pics of that, Dave?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdipisReks View Post
    Can we see pics of that, Dave?
    mine is Fujiyama blue#2, Shinogi line, wide bevel(~21mm width) tape very thin to edge.
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    Aoko and ginsanko have wide bevels with sharp shinogi, shiroko have narrower blended bevels. Never seen one I would describe as thick though. My white #1 sujihiki is thinnest at the spine, followed by the blue #2 and white #2 gyutos. The blue #2 gyuto is probably thinnest behind the edge. Superb grinds on all of them. The blade road on the blue is slightly concave, on the whites slightly convex. Additionally, the finish above the shinogi on the blue is a diagonal hairline belt scratch pattern, while the whites are seemingly hand-finished lengthwise.

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    I've used both white and blue Konosuke Fujiyama gyutos and neither were lasers however nor were they too thick at the spine. They were prolly at most 3-3.5 mm at the spine max. Neither of them had the shinogi line or any sort of wide bevel. I suppose this was before they started grinding them that way. Maybe that's why I was confused at first in the other Fujiyama thread...

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    The knife I have is actually not so thick at the spine but it's the same thickness (well almost) at the point where the bevels are ground in at and then it gets thinner towards the edge obviously. Also, the bevels show an unevenness from sharpening on stones that I see on low end single bevel knives. Just looks like a lot of work to make it sing.

    I'd take pics but it's a customer's knife and I shouldn't be posting business stuff in this forum.

    Thanks for the info guys.

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    I'd be curious to see pictures if you wanted to post them in your sub forum. My white #2 gyuto is ground differently than any other Fujiyama gyuto I've seen. The bevel is blended like the other whites, but the grind starts at the bottom of the emoto, where the shinogi of the blue is ground. It's somewhat thicker than it's blue counterpart, but it's one of the best cutters I have.

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