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Thread: Couple of Knifes, including lefty usuba

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    Couple of Knifes, including lefty usuba

    180mm Hon Kasumi lefty Usuba. 100$ plus shipping. This knife has had half of the spine professionally rounded for better comfort of use. Seen a fair amount of use, but in great shape.

    210mm Suisin IH Gyuto. $225 plus shipping. Not seen much use; never been sharpened. Just too small for me.

    Tomorrow I should have some time to take some pics.

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    Suisin is SPF

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    I'd like to see pics of the usuba please!
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    Usuba photos at:

    Epicurean Edge listing:

    As you can see from the photo, 180mm includes machi, blade itself is about 168mm.

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    Thinking about it, the knife is a little more worn than I remembered, so I'll drop the price to $90 + shipping.

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    Woo it's that Suisin from me?!
    I want to buy it back........

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    Dream, it is your Suisin. It was too small for me, and too big for my girlfriend.

    I'd have been happy to sell it back to you, but I just dropped it in the mail.

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    Drop on the usuba to $90 shipped.

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