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Thread: Help with Restaurant name

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    Sapphire or Ostrea

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    i'd name it


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    Key words / associations:
    - Australia
    - seafood
    - wood fired / grill
    - local
    - simple (not fancy)
    - higher end

    Best bet is a name that plays off local words & terminology that are likely to evoke emotions associated with your goal position. I don’t know much about Aussie slang or what your area is like, which is a real crippler, so it’s possible some of these might come off as terribly, terribly wrong...

    That said, the general image your description conjured up was, for me, a quiet evening on the beach with catch-of-the-day roasting on spits over an open pit fire in the sand, so that’s what i’ve tried to target mentally. Relaxed, dead-simple, wood burning as you watch the rolling surf. (Is there some kind of local term for a camp & grill on the beach?)

    I’ve tried the gamut, from common casual to posh (but not necessarily in that order).

    Tucker Boggin’s – Seafood Grill & Barbie

    Boggin Beach


    Salt & Ember

    The Sunset Grille

    Sunset Beach & Grill (mid)

    Sunset Beach & Grille (posh)

    Sunset Beach & Griller (cas)

    Castaway’s Beach – Fish & Griller

    Skipjack Blue
    (just to show how you can bring-in a local feature)

    Hook & Tucker


    True (with umlaut)

    The Wood Chip

    The Fish & Flame

    Tide & Tucker

    The Salt Break

    Beachers - Seafood Grill & Barbie

    Beacher's Bite - Seafood Grill & Barbie

    Grains of Salt

    Jimmy’s Grill & Salter
    (generic name or local import + "Grill & Salter", ie. “Matilda’s Grill & Salter” or "Rotten Jonny's Grill & Salter" or etc.)

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    Saltside Surf & Grille

    Roller's Break

    The Shell & Flame


    Muddie Nips / Muddie's Nips

    The Ember Field

    The Smoking Ember

    The Swagman's Hollie

    The Busher's Hollie

    Muddie Duffers


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    Thanks for all the suggestions, there are some great ones in there, new project is temporarily on hold, but I've now got a good start!
    O'y'steria is one of my favourites
    In order to make delicious food, you must eat delicious food. Jiro Ono

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    I think you should use "Thank Huw"

    Because that's what diners will say when they consume your pristine creations.

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    Element Piscis

    Element de Mur

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    ... just .... one! ... more! ...set !

    (hard to stop when the engine's going)


    The Evening’s Tide


    The Rock & Shell

    The Oyster’s Rock

    Blue Rock Bay & Grille

    The Muddie’s Plate

    The Whaler’s Bite

    Nosh & Nibbles (prob. ‘no’ but fun)

    Little Fish

    Little Fish, Little Fish (little fish blue...)

    The Red Flower



    The Running Tide

    The Running Surf

    Bark & Tang

    Salt Bark

    The Pepperbark Grille

    Wavecrest / Wavecrest North

    Gladstone’s Break

    Starside Grille

    The Pearl & Pebble

    The Shark’s Tooth

    The Bagger’s Catch

    Fire Rock Grille


    Salt Belly

    Salt Bellies

    Firelight Grille

    7 Blue


    Rock & Shimmer

    Blue Shimmer

    The FatRock Shell

    Cool’s Sandbar Grille

    The Clammer’s Bag

    Bolly’s Grille




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    Just change the wording a bit.
    Maybe; Tsunami Food & Beverages
    In case of earthquake or tsunami warning go straight to the bar for immediate seating.
    Mark Farley / Burl Source
    Phone 541-287-1029, Email
    Visit our web store

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    I know. It's a little sacrilecious.
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