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Thread: WIP/Cris Anderson suji

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    WIP/Cris Anderson suji

    Cris Anderson was nice enough to pound out this suji for me recently (310mm long, I'll post other spec's later). After seeing it I decided that it would make for a good WIP thread. This will be a fairly long WIP as I plan to make a saya and presentation box for it using real urushi lacquer. Of coarse before I do that, I have to learn how to do urushi lacquer. Anyway, lets start with the handle. I'm not going to get into as much detail on making the handle as I did in my first WIP, that would just be redundant. If you have any questions about steps I skip in the thread, just ask and I'll be happy to go over it.

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    To match the personality of the blade, I wanted the handle to be kinda barbaric, yet elegant and understated (well, understated for me). While I was waiting for the blade I put a lot of thought into how I was going to achieve this. All those thoughts went right out the window the night Randy put some awesome mammoth ivory blocks up for sale. Right after I bought the ivory from Randy I went over to Mark's site and ordered a big hunk of bog oak, because I'd been inspired. I'm calling this my 'Bronze Age Handle'. The only components that are younger then the bronze age are the bronze spacers them self's (I figured that was fair). The body will be ancient bog oak, with mammoth ivory ferrule, mammoth tooth end cap, and two bronze spacers sandwiching a bog oak spacer on each end.

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    More to come, but not tonight,
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    Well you've got my attention! I think Cris's work is pretty to notch, ands he's an f'n gentleman to boot.

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