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Thread: Let's talk Meat/Carving forks.

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    Let's talk Meat/Carving forks.

    My carving arsenal is coming along nicely with the purchase of a 12" chef au ritz slicer.

    Now I need a carving fork to go with it.

    But all my kitchen gear as nice as it is, its functional.

    So question is should you go for a curved vintage type fork or more modern Bayonet style fork. Roasts but be able to handle the turkey too.


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    or this style

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    or is it a case of you need both lol.

    also what size? I recently bought a vintage one that was just too small. the sab one is 12" all in I think but I've seen 14" too?

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    I love the old XL curved tine forged forks but they're not so great for carving. The curved tines make it too easy to lose track of where the tines are and hit them with the knife. Straight tine carving forks are much better suited for carving duty. I use the big curved forks for lifting only now.

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    Doesn't matter. Just don't scrape the knife against the fork. I personally prefer the long straight tines.
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