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Thread: What are you carrying?

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    What are you carrying?

    First time poster here,

    My names mike. I'm a sous chef in New Jersey just wondering people carry on a regular basis.

    Personally I carry;

    240mm konosuke gyuoto
    210mm moritaka kiritsuke
    7in shun chef knife (use it as a honesuki)
    6in mac utility
    6in shun nakiri
    Messermeister birds beak paring 3.5
    7in global filet flexible

    Also carry mac ceramic sharpener
    Plating tweezers
    Messermeister poultry sheers love how they break apart for cleaning
    Micro plane
    Wine key

    Excited to join the forum and talks knives and kitchen stuff

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    Feb 2013
    Calgary, Canada
    ATM Its: 240mm HHH gyuto
    210mm Suisin inox western gyuto
    240mm tojiro DP sujihiki
    150mm fujiwara fkm honesuki
    120mm fujiwara fkh petty
    270mm tojiro bread knife

    and a bunch of different tools and stuff

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    Hello Mike, welcome to the forum!

    Being only a home cook, when it comes to knives all I carry is a small multi-tool slip-joint knife from FOX (similar to Victorinox)

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    240 konosuke gyuoto SS
    210 goko Gyuoto
    270 Togiharu sujihiki
    Tojiro 120 petty
    Tojiro 210 petty
    Mac bread knife

    want to buy a honesuki down the line but don't do much butcher right now at my current gig.
    forschner boning

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    Welcome to KKF!

    I carry coffee

    I'm just a home cook but, I do always have a cup of coffee with me

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    I bring these knives to work daily :

    210mm Harner nakiri
    240mm Sakai Yusuke Swedish stainless gyuto
    Tojiro bread knife
    Victorinox 4" parer
    Hattori FH 150mm petty

    I do have other knives in rotation but these are my workhorses.
    I see, I like, I cut!

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    Welcome, Mike!

    Harner Mini
    Harner Parer
    Spyderco Tasman Salt
    Swiss Army Trekker (in Bunker Pants)

    *note, I also carry four wooden wedges, two flathead screwdrivers, and a flathead axe.

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    240mm mario pre maker mark
    240mm masamoto ks
    270mm kanetsune w2 yanagiba
    165mm moritaka petty
    Dexter carbon fillet knife
    Dexter gutting knife
    Whustof classic parer
    ****** whustof bread knife

    I change my gyutos every week and the rest stays the same.

    Sharpen 1-2 times a week.

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    When was working Hotel Banquets

    Suien VC cleaver
    CCK carbon Bone cleaver
    Chinatown carbon veg cleaver
    Konosuke 240 white steel
    Kumagoro 240 blue steel hammer finish
    Takagi Honyaki 240 drop nose
    Masamoto 270 carbon gyuto
    Hiromoto AS 150 petty
    Forschner boning knife
    Suisin 270 Yanagi white steel
    Aritsugu 270 Yanagi blue steel

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    Hunter Valley , Australia
    Singatirin 270 gyuto
    Yoshikane 270 SKD gyuto
    Yoshikane 270 SKD suji
    wusthof 210mm serrated offset panini for bread
    itinomonnn 170mm butcher
    Henckels cleaver (aka battle axe )
    Fujiwara FKM 150 petty
    Homemade 80mm damascus paring
    Victorinox birds peak

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