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Thread: What are you carrying?

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    300mm kanemasa e series sujihiki
    300mm yoshihiro hongasumi blue 2 yanagi
    270mm yoshihiro stainless gyuto
    240mm masamoto ks gyuto
    180mm shimatani white 2 deba
    165mm shimatani blue 2 nakiri
    150mm ichimonji tkc petty
    80mm dojo parer

    could use a 210mm suji to tie it all together.

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    I carry a well tuned Colt 1911 in stainless. :-)

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    270 tojiro yanagiba white 2
    210 hiromoto as gyuto
    210 yamashin gyuto white 1
    210 Fujiwara gyuto fkh
    120 tojiro itk petty
    12in messermiester chef
    poultry shears
    and a few forceps and other odds and ends.

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