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Thread: Explain Damasteel to Me Please

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevinT View Post
    Damasteel is made by using powder placed in a large round canister in concentric rings of 2 different alloys. The 2 different steel powders used are similar to 12C27 and ATS-34/154cm in composition.

    The can is sealed and then hot isostatic pressed to form a solid billet. The solid billet is then rolled out into bars and patterned. Most of their patterns are made by manipulating the surface of the bar. They do have some twisted patterns and one that is made by putting some welded and drawn out round bars back into a can then rewelding and drawing into bar stock.

    Because the billet is formed by using concentric rings of powdered layers, some of the patterns change toward the edge of the bar because the layers shift from horizontal in the middle of the bar to vertical at the edge.

    I think that it a good cutting material and I do like some of their patterns.

    First of all, thank you to Devin, Pierre, and David for educating my ignorant soul on this issue. Much appreciated.

    One more question comes to mind though: In this process is there a 'dominant' powder in lieu of a core steel? Maybe this is a ridiculously stupid question.

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    I think that the proportions of the powders are 50-50, or equal parts of the two powders. Both of the alloys are hardenable and are compatible in the heat treatments. The steel is designed to perform well with out a core.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mr drinky View Post
    Brilliant website! makes me proud to be Swede...

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    and they have the patent for i thik 4 more years. Carpenter steel is chomping at the bit wanting to make some in there own way

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    Quote Originally Posted by l r harner View Post
    and they have the patent for i thik 4 more years. Carpenter steel is chomping at the bit wanting to make some in there own way

    Tell us what you know. Have you talked to Rick G.?


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    damasteeel wrote the patent up that if you use powder in jsut aout any way that they can sue your pants off i was talking to them about how they might be able to do it in layers leik the smiths are doing it jsut on a way larger scale

    but i knwo that they coudl come up with some great mixes like one for the kitchen and then one o brought up for the tacteecool crowd (i was up on a mill tour and it was great to talk with every one up there and they are really tring to push for some cool knife maker grades

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    thanks Butch


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    As my Norse mother-in-law would say, that Swedes for you! ) The only thing the Norse and the Finns agree on is the Swedes suck!

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